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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Harveston News and Real Estate Group! Thank you for everyone who participated in the 2018 Holiday Home Decorating Contest this year. Congratulations to the winners. Judging was based on 5 categories, Use of Lights, Animation, Music, Festive Theme and Creativity. We might highly recommend putting your family in the car and taking a spin around Harveston Lake to see the beautiful holiday displays in person as you won't be disappointed.
See list of homes below

1st Place

39941 New Haven Road
(click address above to view video)

2nd Place

     27353 Savoy Lane 
 Live Santa, Blowing Snow and Selfie Station was awesome! 

3rd Place Tie

       40481 Corrigan Place                   28939 Lexington Road

29260 Easton Place
28939 Lexington Road - 3rd Place Tie Winner
39941 New Haven Road - 1st Place Winner
40022 Ashville Lane
40117 Balboa Drive
28857 Oakhurst Way
28547 Plymouth
40481 Corrigan Place - 3rd Place Tie Winner
40502 Corrigan Place
40254 Ayer Lane
27419 Anselmo Way
27353 Savoy Lane - 2nd Place Winner